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Afro-Cuban Religions

Learn about the colorful and ancient religions that arrived from Africa, and have since flourished in Cuba.

The Africans that came as slaves to Cuba brought many religions and beliefs. Through a need to hide their practices from the Spanish, these religions morphed and syncretised to become unique in the world. One of them - Santeria is now the most popular of all religions in Cuba and has a profound impact on Cuban society. Learn about these religions with an expert local guide, who will show you around the neighbourhoods of Central Habana and take you into a home of a family of practitioners.
The colorful Callejon de Hamel in Centro Habana
2 hours
Group size:
Maximum 8
Start time:
09:30 am


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WE ARE HONEST AND OPEN - Each tour is guided by one of our expert local Cuban tour guides who can also explain to you some aspects of the Cuban society and culture and tell you about life in Havana. Our local Cuban tour guides are honest in their answers to any questions you have about Cuba and it’s people, history, and politics.
We run these small group tours of Havana every day. There is a set departure time for each tour, and you join a group of up to a total of 12 participants with one of our local Havana guides.